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If you have your own e-mail program, you can send mail directly to Webmaster@Chronos.WS from any timeline, or use the e-mail form below:

(Before e-mailing questions, read the F. A. Q. section below.)

If you have general comments or questions about time travel, you can post them on the Time Travel Message Board, or find us on Google+.

  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I use the information on this site to time travel myself?

    You can't. The information on this Web site is for theoretical and philosophical discussion purposes only. The technical details of trans-dimensional travel are classified. No products mentioned on this Web site are for sale or distribution in your timeline. Don't ask for schematic diagrams or more-detailed instructions.

  2. How could I change my own past, rather than travel into a parallel timeline?

    You can't. See Navigating Parallel Timelines for a full explanation.

  3. I'm writing a school essay on time travel. Can I cite information on your Web site?

    Not if you want a passing grade. This information will not be published scientific fact until the Twenty-second Century; until then, it's just science fiction in your timeline.

  4. What are some good Twentieth-Century sources for time-travel research?

    Check your public or college library. There are several books covering the theories of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and others. Also, many popular science magazines have easy-to-follow articles on time travel and time machines, including the June 1989 and April 1992 issues of Discover magazine; the March 28, 1992, issue of New Scientist; the March 1994 and September 2002 issues of Scientific American. Also, the September 2001 issue of Discover features an article on quaint Twentieth-Century notions of parallel Universes.

  5. Who created this Web site, and what's the deal with your copyright date at the bottom?

    That information is classified.

  6. Can I copy text from this Web site to use on my own Web site or blog?


  7. Where are these trans-dimensional experiments being conducted?

    At an unspecified location in the Twenty-second Century.

  8. Do you have any job openings? What do I need to study to work in the field of trans-dimensional physics?

    Get an advanced degree in quantum mechanics or astrophysics, and maybe in about 100 years you can turn in an application to Chronos Technologies, Inc.

  9. Something tragic happened to me and I urgently need to change the past. Can I borrow your time machine for a few days?


Chronos: The Future of Time Travel  is for theoretical discussion and entertainment purposes only. We do not sell time machines, schematics for time machines, components for time machines, nor give rides on time machines. This is not a travel agency. We are not time police nor super-heroes. And sorry, we will not use time travel to reunite you with your recently deceased loved ones.

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