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Chronos Technologies, Inc.

About Us

Chronos Technologies, Inc., is the leading company in transdimensional research and other new technologies in the Twenty-second Century.
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Founded in 2105, Chronos Technologies focused on finding new applications for cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Its Biomedical Research Division in New Mexico made breakthrough discoveries in the use of nanotech microbots to treat disease and injury in the human body.
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The Cybernetics and Security Division in Washington, D. C., was a pioneer in early Artificial Intelligence integration with autonomous android bodies. And its adaptive defense and monitoring systems have become the leading product used by government agencies and other corporations for facility security.
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However, the most advanced discoveries are being made at the Chronos Technologies, Inc., Trans-dimensional Research Division in Central Texas. It was there that the early theories of Dr. Walter Reffick were first tested and applied to the production of the world's first trans-dimensional technology.
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The introduction of fifth-dimensional temporal phasing technology in 2112 quickly revolutionized the fields of biomedical research, agriculture, and space travel. And interspatial teleportation technology, first produced in 2115, may bring the greatest leap in transportation the world has ever seen, both on the ground and in outer space.
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The Trans-dimensional Research Division is still working on new ways to apply trans-dimensional theory to producing new technologies for use in industry and in everyday life. And the other divisions of Chronos are utilizing that new technology for a variety of effects, from temporally accellerated genetic engineering experiments to superluminal processing circuits that allow interspatial data transmission at faster-than-light speeds.
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With all of these scientific and technological breakthroughs, Chronos Technologies, Inc., is living up to its motto: "Making tomorrow's history today."

Corporate Organization

Chronos Technologies, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Chairman: Henry G. Winston
Executive Director of Research: Lionel R. Barnes
Executive Director of Sales and Distribution: Vladimir N. Rostovicz

Cybernetics and Security Division, Washington, D. C.

President of Operations: Connie F. Delgado
Director of Cybernetics Research: Dr. Wilmer L. Jameson
Director of Security Research: Anson D. Masner

Biomedical Research Division, New Mexico

President of Operations: Dr. Lawrence McTaggart
Director of Bioengineering Research: Dr. Mildred Ransom
Director of Organic Research: Dr. Raj Nambari

Trans-dimensional Research Division, Central Texas

President of Operations: Dr. Herbert Jorvin
Director of Trans-dimensional Research: Dr. Walter Reffick
Director of Paratemporal Research: Dr. Janice Singh
Director of Interspatial Research: Dr. Wilhem Krieger

Chronos: The Future of Time Travel  is for theoretical discussion and entertainment purposes only. We do not sell time machines, schematics for time machines, components for time machines, nor give rides on time machines. This is not a travel agency. We are not time police nor super-heroes. And sorry, we will not use time travel to reunite you with your recently deceased loved ones.

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